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Hey all, I'm 24 years old and have AMC. I have never really let it affect me and if anything, I truly believe it has given me MORE strength than I would have had otherwise, due to all the trials and failures physically at a younger age that I have had to overcome. I see the world realistically and optimistically as a young adult today because of it and if I could change myself, I might not, just because of how used to it I have gotten. I think I am pretty lucky as I sort of "fixed" myself by observing how I walk and how I use my arms and hands, by being extremely active as a kid and by having a strong mental attitude towards success. All throughout middle school and high school, I played soccer to keep active, which I can not stress enough of how extremely important that is if you have AMC. I taught myself how to play the guitar on my lap using my left thumb, a couple fingers and right hand, and now I play all sorts of intruments, am almost done with my bachelors in music, and am playing in a jazz fusion metal band that has become my heart, soul, and passion. One thing that I have realized recently is that keeping healthy your WHOLE LIFE as a victim of AMC is the best thing you can do to give yourself life longevity. If you gain weight and become unhealthy at some point in your life, do yourself a favor and workout and stay fit and healthy the best you can because people like us need our joints to be as happy as possible. My parents were also great role models for me and took care of me (and my sister) the best they could, and never told me I couldn't do something. I took it to heart and still believe it to this day. I hope that I can help ease some scared new parents to know that everything can work out just fine and that if I have overcome it, anyone can.

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Hello there! I find your story a very optimistic one and very touching. Yet I think you should also mention the difficulties and obstacles you surely encountered . Beeing an amc"patient" myself I have experienced both sides.

I feel exactly as you do! I have AMC and am doing great as well. I'm 48 years old and had a positive outlook all my life despite my disabilities. Actually, I don't really think of myself as disabled because I walk, go to work, have a husband and do just about everything anyone else can do. I pride myself on the fact that I go to the gym twice per week, and as you said - people with AMC will definitely benefit from exercise and keeping fit. My parents also took care of me and gave me the confidence I needed to have a happy and productive life. Thanks for sharing!