Asmr The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

The good:
The first time I remember getting this feeling was when a little boy was playing with my hair in Pre-K. Now, I'm 30 and I still get it. I especially enjoy lilliewhispers and queenofserene on youtube. Its nice to not have to wait months and months to have something trigger this sensation. It has also been helping me with my anxiety. I feel damned sorry for anyone who can't experience this. It is better than drugs.

The bad:
Before I knew what this was, I wasn't quite sure if other people had it or not. Sometimes I thought everyone had it, and sometimes I felt like I was the only one. Sometimes, I would feel kind of uncomfortable when I would get it because it would be in classroom settings, or on the phone with customer service, and I just feel weird. I guess, almost voyeristic because I am getting this wonderful tingling in my head, and sometimes entire body, and the person who is giving it to me doesn't even know. Or do they, lol. Now I know that most people don't have it. At least, nobody that I've asked has had a clue of what I was talking about. I don't feel strange about it anymore because I know what it is and having other people that have it too has made me feel like less of a weirdo.

The ugly:
I also have misophonia. That is where certain sounds, actions, etc. make you feel so irritated that you become enraged and cannot take it. There have been times when this has triggered the most horrific panic attacks and I have felt like I would just like to stab out my eardrums with a screwdriver. This sounds insane, but if you've experienced it then you'll understand. One article I read said that many people with asmr also have misophonia. Its like the flip side. As pleasurable as ASMR is, misophonia is equally unpleasant. Most of the triggers are things that cause asmr in some people. Strangely, I have several triggers that can bring about either one. Its like a suprise! haha

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I've gotten ASMR since I was a toddler. The first time I got it was when I went to the doctor's office for a checkup. I didn't know this was actually a thing until last year. Eye/doctor exams, personal attention, tapping, hair touching, certain hand movements, makeovers, and soft speaking are what trigger me. I've found that my ASMR hasn't been as intense as it was when I was a kid, maybe someone can help me?

Whew I am not the only one... yes there are sounds like smacking and chewing... whispering and tapping that literally drive me insane and the reaction is as intense on the enrage scale as the ASMR sounds like Plastic and someone just talking and opening packages is mind numbing relaxing... but the sounds instill opposite reactions for me. Thank you for sharing what this is called. Will look more into it. Tyfs

I was wondering if ASMR can cause any mental detachments along the way? I was someone with a stressful lifestyle and nothing to help me relax. Until I discovered ASMR. Which was such a delight! It sort of became a routine before bed, that I would just relax with ASMR and shamelessly let it take me away from all of issues. Yet lately I've noticed that I've been feeling sluggish, not even wanting to get out of bed. Even after a good rest. It's like the feeling is starting to stick and I've almost become dependent on it. So is ASMR really good to be treading in? Does anyone else have or deal with issues like this?

I believe i have both though until today i didnt have names for either.
There are sounds and voices that cause the intense tingling and relaxation and ones that make me so angry that i scream at who or whatever is making them..also certain sounds that will make my mouth water or hurt in my throat or chest.

Thank you so much! Reading your story I realize that while I enjoy ASMR, I also suffer from misphonia. There have been times I've wanted to punch someone. Recently was a Microsoft training and the guy next to me kept drumming his pen on his hand or other things. It drove me crazy to the point of needing to get up and leave the room. Now I know why.

Whoa! Better than drugs? You've probably missed out on the good drugs, I must say! Then again, I do believe you, some asmr experiences when the self allows, feels great.