Asmr So That's What It's Called

I have experienced this all my life and long before the internet or there was any name for this experience. This tingling, mesmerizing experience is something I have had watching and listening to what most would consider totally boring. Watching a librarian slowly flipping through the pages of a book, Eye exams,,, Big time! Believe it or not, I experienced ASMR while doing a survey in a mall. The person asking the questions was a young lady. The combination of watching her write answers and her voice when she asked the questions really created that tingling, totally relaxed sensation. I stumbled across this stuff on Youtube and one young lady, who really has some videos that work for me goes by VeniVidiVulpes. She is bloody amazing. That girl can put me in a total ASMR trance while watching her videos. The whispering in the ears is one thing that really works for me. This is especially true if stereo microphones are used and the whisperer goes form ear to ear. It is cool to find that there are many others out there who experience this.
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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

I agree, she is truly great at what she does, and her flavor of asmr videos is distinctly different from others.