ASMR Explains So Much

Until a week ago, I had no clue that this sensation I got from certain sounds, certain actions, and other events wasn't experienced by everyone. I didn't understand why whispering in my fiance's ear didn't make him melt, didn't make him react in any way at all the way that I would (of course it did make him happy because we love each other but that sensation is separate from the tingly feeling I get). I thought that everyone experienced this warm body tingle that I felt from certain things.

I was having trouble sleeping and looked up 'office sounds' on youtube because sitting in an office, library, waiting room, or any other quiet area with background noises like typing or shuffling papers made me feel so calm, so warm, so happy. The first video that I clicked on had an acronym in the title - ASMR. I was curious because the video seemed to be tailor made for me. All the sounds were exaggerated and the person in the video was doing things very purposely for the sounds, and I began to notice that the way she was making the noises - I mean, the visuals - was putting me in an almost trance-like state. I read the description, and this acronym kept being mentioned. The word 'trigger' was repeatedly mentioned in the comments. I had to search using this term - ASMR.

A new world opened up to me immediately and within minutes my jaw had dropped and my eyes widened. It was an awe inspiring moment for me, and although I've just discovered this knowledge, I know it is a moment that I will remember forever, a moment that changed my life for the better. This acronym that I was curious about gave a name to the sensation I have felt for as long as I can remember. It also made me aware that not everyone felt this sensation. It suddenly made sense why my fiance doesn't appreciate little sounds in the way I do. It made sense why my classmates didn't continue to want to do things like 'play doctor' or mess with one another's hair as they grew up, where I secretly wished I could play those childhood role playing games well into adulthood. I've been chasing a sensation that I wasn't aware I had; I was seeking those moments without having a clear understanding of why. It's amazing what a name given to a feeling can do to change your life.

In the few days since I've discovered the ASMR community I have started to learn my triggers, and I've noticed that I get the sensation 100 times more than I used to. Before it was almost random... I felt lucky for the opportunity to feel that warm, tingly, calm feeling. Now I not only notice triggers all the time but just thinking about certain things that trigger me can sometimes give me a mini sensation. I struggle with anxiety and this past week I have been able to manage it so much more easily because I am able to trigger myself into a calm state of mind. Saying that this has been life changing event is in no way an exaggeration. Finding out about ASMR has made my life more bearable, and I feel that it will only get better from here.
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2 Responses Sep 16, 2013

It makes me sad that not everyone can enjoy the "tingles" from ASMR. Like you I searched and found the tag and have since become pretty addicted. I wish I had my own whisperer at home to brush my hair and crinkle plastic in my ear :) ah well... at least there are videos online!

That's great you discovered it! I found out the acronym in March and it really does help a lot for anxiety and relaxation. I watched a lot of videos previously that triggered me but none of them targeted the audience with ASMR on purpose :p