Every time I try to explain to my friends the wonders of ASMR they give me weird looks. They just don't understand the awesomeness of it *_*
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Lol when u carnt breath and some times u might have to go hospital and use the nebuliser

hahaha XD I'm quite familiar with that too actually

Ouch young lady, I know it's quite serious sorry x

thanks, and it's ok. I've had asthma for my whole life so I know how to deal with it :)

Well I'm glad what ever ur doing ur happy with it x

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Does it help you to sense more about what you are cooking.....

No I don't think so..I don't really know what you mean, sorry :/

Waaaaait I get it now haha XD

I really wish I had ASMR buddies I knew in person. I'm still hoping for it though!

Same here! So far I haven't come cross anyone i know in person who experiences it, and it's frustrating D:

Riiiight? Everyone I ever try to introduce it to is so appalled to the idea of trying it. They're like cats and water, but I'm the one who is literally a cat reborn as a human so I can't tell you what is going on with these people lol.

Hahaha sucks for them though :P they're really missing out on some awesome sensations!

Is there any chance you are an ASMRtist yourself? I happen to be listening to ASMR right now...I think I'm obsessed.

No I'm not :/ but I listen to ASMR all the time too. It's a good obsession :D plus it's so relaxing and almost always puts me to sleep when I listen at night.

Definitely :3 ASMR really helps me to believe that sensitivity is a more widely embraced characteristic than I used to. If you ever start up as an ASMRtist then I would gladly support you as best I can! More ASMR can only bring humanity to a better place <3

Well thank ya!! And very true! I feel like if people allowed themselves to relax more easily, then they would enjoy it. But then again I'm super sensitive and get the tingles when someone just like taps a pencil against a desk or something xD

Occasionally people actually whisper near my ear and oh my goodness...you would think I died and came back ten seconds later.

That happens to me too! But it actually gets kind of frustrating when I'm in a class supposed to be paying attention and the teacher starts writing on the board and all I want to do is scream at him "DONT STOP YOURE GIVING ME SWEET ASMR FEELS"

If education was always a personal ASMR routine then I would still retain more knowledge before falling asleep as compared to the norm lol.

Hahaha same here :P

Huzzah! I'm going to have to off and go to bed now :3 mind if I add you to my circle?

I always got it in shool when I forgot my book and would have to share with the girl next to me . The page turning would gone me asmr . If be half asleep z

Ugh I swear I can not type for ****

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Same but I work In a hair salon and a lady done a demo on one of he staff . She ha to apply an exfolient to her scalp then massage it in and when she was massaging it into the scalp very one said ... I'm falling asleep just watching you do that lol .. I'm like....that is asmr .. Get it now?

Why are some of my buttons not working ? Damn it

That's me every time I go to the hair salon! It feels like heaven *.*

I have the best job ever

Can you explain it in the simplest version possible?

I can try! Basically, when I hear certain sounds like scratching or tapping, or see people doing things like drawing or painting, I get a tingly sensation in my head. It kind of feels like the pins and needles you get when your foot falls asleep, but more pleasurable instead of annoying.

Is this a girl thing only?

Nope, everyone can potentially have it. Scientifically they think it's like when primates groom each other and look for bugs and stuff. The personal attention that you feel you have with asmr videos mixed with certain auditory stimuli somehow cause the sensation.

And what does it feel like :D

Hmmm well it's kind of like when you shiver and get goosebumps when your cold, but you feel the tinglyness in your head instead of your body. It's really relaxing! Haha sorry if this is vague. It's really hard to explain.

No worries
It sounds interesting

It is pretty interesting! Haha thanks for listening to me ramble on about it XD

No problem :)
If you want you can tell me more :D

Well if you insist :P I've never really talked about this with anyone. I didn't even know what it was until a couple years ago, but I realized that I'd been experiencing it since I was little. Id randomly feel relaxed and get the sensation whenever my teacher would write on a chalkboard or draw a diagram XD I always thought I was just really weird haha.

You're not weird :P
You're special :β—‹

Haha Aww well thank you <3 XD maybe it's like a weird super power or something haha

Exactly :D
I don't have any powers :(

You DEFINITELY have powers. Ya just gotta dig deep. I know for a fact you control the epic, rare, nearly unobtainable power of awesomeness :-D

Awww you...πŸ˜„
You made me...
I cannot describe it
I feel 😊

Well I'm glad! You deserve to feel πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„ because you're super nice πŸ‘πŸ™Œ! But watch out! Using too much of your awesomeness at once could blind the citizens! :P

Thanks :)
You're super super nice too
And I noticed I've made a new personal record

Thanks :) and a personal record for what? I'm curiousss :D

For the longest comment conversation with an awesome person :D

😱 you made me 😊☺️😁😁😁. Yeah I think this is my personal record too XD. you're just really fun I talk to :D


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