Always have had it. My earliest memory of it was when my friends in kindergarten would play with my hair. I also experienced it watching this one unboxing video of something that was not supposed to be ASMR. But the strongest memory of ASMR that I have is being in history class in 7th grade. I had a very sweet, soft-spoken teacher who I loved to hear talk. Her voice would literally put me in a trance. But it wasn't until 2 years ago that I ran into ASMR on youtube by accident, a video by a lovely lady named QueenOfSerene. Now I'm hooked.
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I discovered ASMR as a kid also. With me it started with listening to rain on tin roofs. It would give me braingasms and lull me to sleep. Still does.

I'll have a look for QueenOfSerene.

What's asmr