I Wished Then It Came!

I found this site typing in, "I miss my friends," I happened to see this site were you may share your life and things involved. It made he hopeful because this is a place I could let others see and to also know that I am not the only one here that is lonely, hopefull or hopeless...or someone who wishes and wonders...like myself. Even though I am the only person it seems to be that I am the only member who has aspengers...but hopefully, not like the other sites such as www.wrongplanet.com I can actually inspire people to know and understand, and to feel less alone. Seriously, if you do have aspengers wrong planet is not the place to be. <---Just a note for advise.

Wishesandwonders Wishesandwonders
1 Response Feb 16, 2009

There are several members here with Asperger's and family members dealing with the autism spectrum. I think it was the spelling of your experience...you've got a typo. Try again and you will find plenty of stories. Welcome to EP, I think you will find lots of support here.