I know I have aspburgers cause I was diagnosed a few years back. I knew I was bi in the 6th grade. I also am a Pagan (I converted in the 8th grade.) I'm not the socail type though. I don't trust anyone and I just about have thirteen or fourteen close friends. Other than that I just stay at home all the time. Frankly, I'm miserable. Mostly all the time. I can't stand people, my family doesn't understand sqaut and I feel like I push everyone away. I tried to come out to my mom but she said " I excpected better from you." To which I lied and said I was just kidding. I also hate how everyone thinks I'm nieve or a pushover. I am not either. I fallow my own path. Anyway back to the help thing, I just wanna know how I can stop being so angry and just live my life.
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are you serious though, 14-15 close friends? i have 0 friends.

1st wats a pagan? N 2nd I can help u as I went thru the same thing u r going thru. Kik me at chesskingboy

Get back to your pagan roots.

when i was your age i always had that problem, pushing people who i care about away. and for some of us Aspergers were very sensitive to sense. which means we hear better, see emotions better and that could be to much for us. so we need space and push people away. Try to find something that helps you cope with your anger because you really dont want that escalate me i've been there many times. :)

It gets easier with time. Don't give up. there is NOTHING wrong with being gay, or having AS. I dunno enough about being pegan, maybe that will cause you to implode :) Joking. <br />
<br />
I hope things are looking better today.

I would love to give advice but seeing as this dang website, (sorry website creators) in their terms of agreement says, "6.No Professional Advice: Nothing communicated on this site should take the place of a trained professional (doctor, psychologist, lawyer, accountant, etc.). This site is for peer-to-peer entertainment and support, and should never be used as a replacement for the advice and care of a trained professional, (which I agree with under most circumstances) and "2.Maintain Privacy: Don't reveal information that could directly identify you or others in your posts or private messages (names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, locations, etc.). Search engines are capable of crawling this, and any other site's, public content (e.g., stories, but not private messages), so take common sense precautions about what you publicly post anywhere on the internet, including Experience Project." I can't help you. So sorry. :'( But what can say may make you feel better. Your not the only one. ;) sorry let myself get carried away. So please cheer up making me feel sad.