Autistic And Bi? Sounds Like A Movie On Lifetime....

Yes, it's true. I am 19 years old, Autistic, and a Bisexual who has a preference for women. However, I didn't admit it to myself until last year and I haven't completely come out. My boyfriend and a few of my friends know but no one in my family does. The funny part? Both of my sisters and my mother are Bisexuals. The only difference between my family and I is that they have a strong preference for men. I'm the opposite.

I think that my family would prefer for me to only have loving relationships with men and to keep women as play things. The thing is, I could see myself having a meaningful relationship with a woman. Of course, if my boyfriend and I ever split up. My mother usually only marries and dates men and so do my sisters.

Is it weird that there is possible clashing amongst a bunch of bisexuals?? Is it weird that my family might expect my bisexuality to be a certain way?

It's not like I have to worry about this now, considering that I have a boyfriend that I love dearly and the chances of us breaking up are slim but still....
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I am on the autism spectrum and I'm bisexual, I have dated a girl and a boy (I haven't had that many relationships though, but I've always fancied both girls and boys) and I could see myself having meaningful relationships with either. My little sister is also bisexual and she is currently dating a girl.
I think it's somehow more common that bisexual women are more biSEXUAL, meaning that they desire women sexually but prefer having "real" relationships with men. And there's nothing wrong with that, though it is somewhat annoying when most people think you're like that when you actually are "fully" bisexual, meaning you don't prefer one sex over another.

And about Asperger's syndrome and autism in general, yes, less girls are diagnosed with that, but that doesn't mean it only occurs rarely, it just means that it is recognized and diagnosed more rarely. The symptoms can be quite different from boy-assies.

I don't have any relatives who are bisexual, they're all straight as far as I'm aware. But I too have Asperger Syndrome and I am bisexual as well.

Asperger's Syndrome in women is rare. I am fairly certain my mom has it and that it is heriditery. My grandfather exhibited symptoms of it and so do I, and my son has been diagnosed with it too. I applaud your openness about it and about your bisexuality. Some of us struggle with both AS and being bi and are never fully understood by those around us. I too have found someone who is loving and supportive (of the opposite sex), so the family is not uncomfortable I suppose. Thank you for sharing!