My Friend

I couldn't believe it when I saw this page because it desribes one of my friends! He has came out and people have bullied him for it which is sad but as I'm no too, I get involved and stand up for him.

Basically, we were in school but all my mates were off one day so I went up to my form. In the corner of the room, 3 boys were crowded around my friend, but I didn't take any action because at the time I was shy and he wasn't my friend then. So I just grabbed a book and started to read , but something caught my attention.
My friend admitted he was bi to these bI to them and that he had fancied a guy (but he didn't say who). When he left the room, me and the other boys were kind of shocked although it was to be expected because of the way he looked at some boys and tried to force them into dry sex (that was years ago and he meant no harm.)
The boys kept his secret and now he has came at his own pace because he's comfortable being who he is.
Thank you for reading and I hope have aspergers syndrome gets you the hopes and dreams you always wanted.
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Well , all abnormalities are humans too. As long as you have one head , two arms and legs and call yourself and behave as human being should I have no problem.

Awesome story... Thanks for sharing

Great Post! =-)