Mozart And The Whale

Yesterday I saw a film with Rada Mitchell and Josh Harnett. At first I thought what I weird title. I like independant films best and after a while I couldn't turn it off. I was intrigued to see more. I had never seen a film about people with Asperger's syndrome. Yes, I had seen many documentaries about people with austism; though, not a film with actors and a script.  If Rada Mitchell wasn't in it I probably would have chose something else. Josh has been hit or miss when it comes to good films. I've liked most of Rada's films so far.

I really liked the scene when they go out for the first time to a mall where they explain to each other what they both know about each other and their aspie traits. I couldn't find this scene on YouTube unfortunately. I like the interaction between these 2 characters. It felt geniune and real. I would be willing to see this film again. I'm glad there's at least one film out there that shows people with this disability as intelligent worthy people. No they aren't 'mainstream' and that's okay, they are good citizens anyhow, not just weirdos.

Below is the only clip I could find on YouTube that had dialogue instead of just music over cinematic scenes.

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The movie is available on DVD.

Okay Just2Me.

as soon as i have found out what i want to know i will let you know

Sounds good Just2Me. Would be interested to find out your results.

4vrunique, I think you just given me a little project, I shall find out if animals and the statistics are anything like human disorders etc.

Just2Me I think you're equating that just because this film happens to be about 2 people with aspergers, that all people with aspergers have all the same traits, which isn't so. I too have difficulty learning the social aspects of getting along. I wasn't taught these things and so many others non-asperger people seem to just know. It would be great if other films were made about people who happen to have aspergers to show the variety of traits and not just those that these characters inhabit.<br />
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Balamvucub not all films are romantic in nature. I really think you need to widen your scope. You're missing a lot of excellent films that don't inhabit these behaviors. I too enjoy documentaries; though, I enjoy the fictional medium, if its well made. <br />
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The title of the film 'Mozart and the Whale' is creative and clever. I may have never stopped to watch it and read that Rada Mitchell was in it had it been some more common sounding name. The name comes from a scene in the film where they dress up for halloween and these are the costumes that they chose. Rada's character is Mozart because she enjoys that type of music and Josh's character was the whale because he feels he can relate to the mammal. I suppose had they gone as 'Sting and the Owl' it would have also been a unusual title.<br />
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Just2Me that is an interesting thought. Do other species besides humans have these kinds of disabilities?

By the tytle it seems to me that at some point a 'Whale' is involved,along with the Music of the great master'Mozart'. <br />
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I don't know if you meant that literal or not, but if you did, I don't think either is involved. <br />
Wounder if wales could get aspergers?

I could only see part of Your post [due to a glitch in my computer] and have yet to see the movie in question. I am not much of a T.V. watcher,unless the show is a nature documentry or the like. Very few movies have enough,common sense logic,or intelligence for me,and when some one else is watching one,I just loose interest as many times,they make no sense.[Too much 'making out' too little facts in life] Perhaps You can wright a bit more detales concerning this movie? By the tytle it seems to me that at some point a 'Whale' is involved,along with the Music of the great master'Mozart'.

That made me feel sad in a way, I don't have it that bad, I am quite "normal", just socialy, I have difficulties. I like that film. you know what it is called.

Thank you LostShadow88 :~)

cool stuff.