It Could Be Asperger's

I just took a self-diagnosis quiz posted by another person regarding Asperger's which says that I am most likely an Aspie, (164/200).  There were a number of questions on the quiz that I connected to so much, like watch slow water run.  I remember as a young child, taking a plate, lifting it up just a little bit off the ground, and let it drop to watch the patterns on the plate shake and slowly come into focus as the plate stopped moving.

I have had problems socially, and would usually hide in the corner to avoid people.  I often stare at people; I get absorbed with looking at a person's facial features, especially they're exaggerated.   I have a domestic partner who wouldn't put up with my tendencies toward extremes either in food choices, (like an all-fruit diet), or when I got my head shaved bald., which can be frustrating at times!

I hope to meet others with Asperger's...maybe I would find someone who understood me.

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I have an Aspergers Partner We have been together for 14 years He is doing my head in!<br />
I want to leave but find myself feeling sorry for him What can i do?

I suppose I could see where the confusion could come in. "Self-stimulating" can be a polite way of saying "************", (sometimes even called, self-abuse, autoerotic, and even onanism.) I assume that with your pyschiatrist, she was talking about "stemming", which is also "self-stimulating". For example, if you were talking about dropping a copper plate, and your psychiatrist said, "Do you self-stimulate often?", she was probably talking about stemming. If you were talking about sexual matters, and she said, "Do you self-stimulate often?", then she was probably talking about ************.<br />
<br />
But ultimately, even if she were talking about ************, I assume that she wasn't trying to be salacious, but she wanted to get a clearer picture about who you are. There may have been a connection that she was testing out, like a connection between stemming and ************..

Watching a plate dropping,and more than likly rotating as it is vibrating from the slight impact, I have done this during childhood, but with a copper plate,and for the low ringing note that this produced. Ihave also sat and literally watched 'Vines grow', and still will sit and look at any thing that is interesting to me,especially plants,beetles agates,and opals. I will plug into my I-pod,and listen to my music while doing this, and I can tell you guys that it 'defrags' my mind if I had a harried, chaotic day. Are these things what You call 'stemming? Previously I had allways been tould that 'stemming' [stemulating ones self was something quite different,which I almost never do] I f this is what is refered to as stemming,I had mis understood what my psycaitrist was quistioning me about. When she had asked me wether or not I 'Stemulated my self frequently, I all but yelled out at her that I do not as I have far more interesting things to do. It appears that I may owe Her an apology. If there are any other words that mean one thing in every day speach, but something quite different concerning aspergers,could you please explain thim? this would be appreciated as this would end possible confusion in the future for me. I am not trying to be 'monky-minded' or rude here with reguards to 'what' the word means here. I am only attempting to clarify its meaning for my understanding and benefit. So if I appear to be ba<x>se, or rude, please excuse me. Thank You for reading this, and have a peaceful night.

cool I got 155/200

Thanks for the input. @ezcare, thanks for the encouragement and older person's perspective.

I have had several questions that I felt, almost, totally connected with as well. I'm only 14, but was above the spectrum on one test (higher than a 34) five times. And on the test you took I got a 153 out of 200, being in the "most likely" group. Have not been diagnosed yet, though.