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I want to be a psychologist I believe that I have aspergers but I can't get it diagnosed by a doc cause I don't have insurance anymore I'm really was starting to fall into a depression cause It was getting hard to handle every day I still get like that every once in a while but I'm gunna fight it no matter what I won't give up I'm kinda afraid to get diagnosed to cause I don't want to be treated like I have special needs cause I certainly do not I think the more normal everyone thinks I am the better cause they won't treat me any different than a "normal" person I'm misunderstood at times but the reason I have been able to act as a "normal" person is that I have been treated like it and I've leared to act like it around "normal" people I have akward moments but I'm proud to say I'm a surviver every day:) it makes me different than everyone ewels and I say it makes it fun a challenge every day its like hey let's see what friend ill make today and to know I'm an aspie and making friends is a challenge it just makes me feel way better about myself so I want to be a psychologist
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I'm doing it myself and the worst part is discrimination from college teachers because they are so ignorant they try both to misdiagnose you and bully you. Cuz you know you may make too much or too little eye contact or walk a little awkward so they single you out and they are very cruel. Be strong

I sort of skimmed through all of the posts but don't let others get you down (which I don't mean anyone on here I just mean "the world") from one woman with AS to another woman with AS do what you want to do. I didn't let AS stop me from being a mother and a wife and I do still have my struggles but its a risk I gladly took. Be a psychologist! Go for it.

Jiverazle ~ Please become a Psychologist if you can. We need all the help we can get, and we're not gonna get it from NT's.<br />
<br />
By the way, Defectivemoonbunny, sometimes we refer to a person who is sorta-kinda Aspie-ish as "on the spectrum" or "cousin." I think the "cousin" thing was coined by Jim Sinclair and the gang - see Autreat.com

your happiness clarified the text far more than would a punctuation do.You made me cheer,witty girl. BEST wishes.

I know I realized what you meant after i commented on your comment haha <br />
i realized since i was younger i have never emphasized punctuation and i probably never will cause it always escapes my mind i worry more on having strong grammar now i know thats what punctuation is for but i am to busy creating a whole new world without needing punctuation and if my words let you step in my shoes then i guess i am happy to say i am successful <br />
<br />
you would think that i should get sarcasm by now i do sometimes but sometimes it just flips my mind and i am trapped in my own mind with running thoughts<br />
<br />
i do like your comment very much it actually made me laugh for some reason but truly forgive me for not realizing :) Thank you

What I meant,my dear,is that there's nothing abnormal with your case .Asperger is "different ",not abnormal.Besides I am always eager to learn,being a teacher myself.That's why ,perhaps, I attach importance to punctuation .Sorry,though,if you didn't like my comment .Finally,who told you I didn't step in your shoes?

I dont wish YOU bad i wish YOU a lesson to be learned!! :)<br />
remember you never know some one until you step in their shoes

you must not know how exausting it is to not understand when when people dont want to be around you and you stick around being unwanted and you not noticeing till later and you go home and think about it all day and it happenes again and again cause you just dont know how to change it and you try to act like what you see everyone act like and you continue to fail you seem like your a "normal" girl trying to fit in cause you then isolate yourself but in reality you just dont know what to do while its easyer for other people to get the others social cues and you rittle and rattle with your mind and its dues as in what its suppose to do!!!!!!!

doesn't being able to act normal make you normal ? :p<br />
cuz if not I agree with And101 about people being normal, at least the ones I knew.....hmm<br />
btw dont think I have aspergers but i do feel close, like a lot of traits from it

Thanks know its wrong to label it "normal" thats why i put pharethisis cause who knows what it is i meant it in that way like i have to act the way everyone sais is normal but in reallity no one knows what it is but still everyone expect everyone to act a certain way but that what i mean with the () i dont mean as in i think there any different just the way the worlds image is set out to be but truly thank you :)

Before, when (if at all) and after (if it happens) you are diagnosed with Asperger's continue to pursue your passion to become a psychologist. No one will treat you as special needs. Here's a secret - none of us are "normal". That is just a desc<x>ription of a fictional character that lacks any of the unique characteristics and quirks that make each of us an individual. So stop shooting for "normal" as a goalpost. Instead, keep doing what you've already mastered - act in ways that other people consider you to be "normal". Congratulations on your achievements. Continue to pursue your dream.