Hello My name is Justin and this is my story. This past September, I was diagonsed with Aspergers. Before, I was digonsed with Aspergers, I did a bunch of research on Aspergers and found out that I had many of the traits of a person with Aspergers. When I met with the psychologist, he knew I had Aspergers before we began talking, which was kinda weird at that time. Me, my parents, and the psychologist started talking about everything. At the end of the meeting, the psychologist told me and my parents that I did have Aspergers. It has change my life alot by knowing that I have Aspergers. In high school, on the weekends I wont hang out with friends I would just stay up in my room. I tried my best to get them to do things me with on the weekends but it never worked. At that time, I thought I was perfect teenager and so on. Now I know the reason to that mystery. I have Aspergers and still do that to this day and it kinda sucks. When I told my friends at college that I had Aspergers, they were shocked but very supportive of me. Before I told them, I thought if I told them, I would lose my friends but it was the opposite, they were very supportive of me. I went to Morgantown, West Virginia for the WVU-Rutgers football game, my friends were very protective.They made sure nothing happened to me The funny thing is that one of my best friends from high school, thought I had Aspergers while I was attending high school with him. That is weird but cool at the same time. I had it and didnt even know that I had it.  Whenever, I get around a large group of people I get quiet and feel very uncomfortable. By knowing I have Aspergers, I have a challenge that I have to deal with everyday and I like having that challenge. It has made me a better person. That is my story.

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you are so lucky... I just runned due to an assignment at school to autism and aspergers, the more I looked, the more I realized that everything I was reading, described me . knowing what's wrong with me is both terrifying and relieving... However I can't discuss it with my parents, they dont even know what it is... :/ I can't tell anyone. I know I have to meet a specialised doctor, but it's kind of hard to do alone... My parents will not believe me.

I had the courage to tell my mum and she was actually pretty cool about it and supportive. Then I confessed to my two best friends and everything became a lot easier. I called a doctor too and he told me that I should be happy about it. It always helps when you share your feelings. Now everything is fine :)
But yeah, it was an awful way to learn about it. But then I thought it doesnt change anything, right? ;)

You sound so much like me. I can't help but wonder if I really have ADHD or if it is Asperger's.

Thank you for sharing. Living with Asperger's is a challenge, but we can do it:)

You are so very lucky to have friends that like you and try to protect you

I have heard of Aspergers' Syndrome on many occasions, but can you tell us what kind of disorder it is exactly? Oh and you're really brave to come out and admit this on a public forum.

Yes lunarstrings, you are correct. Now build me a pyramid!

yeah i totally get that group thing..where it's like once i become a part of a "group" my mind becomes blank and i dont know what to say at all..i get uncomfortable to a point where i get paranoid that people are noticing and try my best to keep my emotions the same as those around me...usually i just tough through it and laugh a little here and there or drink but that is never the answer.

yeah having aspergers is only good in my opinion, its the next evolution for the human race, you are the previwer of the future, more evolved than the common of the others :P

Thank you for sharing your story Justin. I am pleased that you were able to get a diagnosis. In my family my sister is the one who has AS. We lived for many years without knowing and have only found out recently and my sister is 45. Looking back and reading the traits it is so clear, but we never had the langauge or information when she was younger. She has a failed marriage and many different conflicts with people in her past and reflecting back we all wonder if a diagnosis would have made it easier.We will never know what might have been. We can only move forward. Thanks again for sharing your story. I learn something new about AS with each story I am able to read. <br />
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