Troubles In School

The kids in my middle and elementary schools were not accepting of anyone who was different. I was bullied numerous times a day. I was called names, sent spiteful letters, and hit a few times. Small objects were thrown at me. Some students ran or stole things from me. I'm in college now, and people are more accepting. Still, although I rarely dwell on it, I can never forget what happened to me. Still, it is nice to know that, according to some statistics, about a quarter of them are going to jail.
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School for me was just unusual. In order to become friends with someone, I had to fight them first. By the time high school came around, all my previous bullies were my friends. In school and even now, I am the odd guy out, but that is okay as it turns out, that's exactly who I need to be.

That is interesting. Did fighting help you understand one another better?

Not sure why it worked that way, my guess was that it eliminated the intimidation factor and just left the option for friendship remaining.

Out of all the other times I've been bullied a lot in school, 6th grade was the worst year I ever had.

If I had to guess, I would say 8th grade was the worst year for me.

And hell, with luck :)

i was bullied all through school too it hurt kids called me a retard

That was one of the things I was called too. Not only is it ironic (because Aspies are usually smart), that word is now considered a racial slur. The people who call others that are the ones who are foolish. Cool picture, by the way. I love animals.

I'm an Aspie too, and I know what it's like because I've been in that same situation also.