Normal Is Strange

Why are people expected to understand nonverbal language? It is not taught at home, in school, or anywhere else considered "mainstream". Yet if someone does not know it, they are seen as strange. If you were taken to a country that mainly spoke a language you could not understand, what would you do? Would it make sense to you if someone said "You can't speak our language? That's weird"? Would it make sense to you if they mocked you for it? If they laughed at you when you tried to speak that language? It happens to people with Asperger's every day. Why is that "normal"? Many people with Asperger's are sensitive to sensations. When DJs crank the music up, I cover my ears. Sometimes, if it is loud enough, I have to leave the room. Listening to such loud music often damages one's ears. Why is doing this "normal"? Neurotypical people often take part in activities they would normally avoid because they are with a group of friends. This includes smoking, doing drugs, and taking other risks. Many of them do things that cause harm to themselves and others merely because "everyone's doing it" and they "don't want to stand out." Why is it "normal" that there is a risk of this happening to someone? If you think carefully, what is considered "normal" is strange.
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what is normal? a good question, it is not the all very best. To learning the language: try to meet with other persons who have it and also try to meet with "normal"(with a wink to above;)) people, with same interests maybe. It is not as bad if you both dont understand at first as good as expected, but the interetings connect.

I for one don't see asbergers as a bad thing in ones life. I tend to believe that people with this so called "disability" or only taught to believe it is as such. I view it as an advantage with only minor drawbacks. I think the mind in an aspee runs faster and clearer than the average human. So far, including my nephew I've always noticed a high level of intellect and stronger concentration on more refined specific subjects in aspee's. Physical senses are generally more responsive in someone with an acutely focused mind thus the stronger affects of sound and touch. The greatest drawback (which is minor really) is over thinking simple and more often, social situations.

I think you are so awesome for writing about Asbergers and opening up the way you did. I agree with what you wrote and I'm very impressed with your writing skills. Maybe one day you'll write a book about Asbergers. Thanks for sharing!

It's normal coz people r stupid.

well written, I think we shouldnt make different to "normal" "not normal ",each person is unique<br />
Idk what asperger syndrome is, but I do have difficulty to understand few people talking in the same time, ppl talkin fast or in crowd, I bcome lost and dont care, many ppl called i have slower brain, and friends make joke to me alot after they all chatt together and ask me " u must dont get what we talk about dont u?" then laughed at me, I laughed too, and one of them will xplain later :)

Ty for the post I have Aspegers Syndrome as well.

i agree good post