Aspergers Symptoms

If you have Aspergers...what are your symptoms?
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Isolate2: Here's mine from your list:<br />
<br />
- For me, I think I can write well apart from the dyslexia. My speech sometimes like you. <br />
<br />
- Social anxiety:<br />
I have never had this problem before. I have gone to store or walking around my neighborhood and elsewhere. Every since I got sick (ptsd), I avoided some places and people. I gradually started again and not at all times...I need being acompanied by someone unlesss it is early in the morning or evening barely anyone in there. <br />
- I never had a problem before about rules until something happened. Sometimes I tell myself, why is this person this way or think this way or act in such a way. <br />
<br />
-OCD.<br />
-I actually am not obsessed with one person. I also love enough that one person who I am with or married to. I can't say if I can or cannot date someone who is Neurotypical. I also like to be surrounded with good people.<br />
- Before I feel sick, I communicated via face to face, phone (not lots but I did) but I am more comfortable via e-mail or online (before and now as well). I answer the phone when I am alone or if my husband is here. (don't always pick it up though if I don't feel like it, lol). I rarely open the door cause I had a bad experience where I was living at a point since then I got scared and now I am better with it. If my husband is with me, I don't have a problem. If I am alone, he also doesn't want me to open it.<br />
- I look into people's eyes and turn away from time to time. I don't like to stare. <br />
- Sensory problems: I have a good sense of smell. It all depends what it is. <br />
- I am like you, about the interest...I can talk or read about it all the time. I also can talk about other things too. If I don't know about it, then I would like to learn. Sometimes, things don't interest me, then I am not interested. I am not into spacial things; eg: star wars, aliens etc...<br />
I have and not have good imagination. <br />
<br />
I have some aspies traits...does it make me an aspie? IDK..<br />
I have ptsd and maybe also aspies. = Similar symptoms.

- I can write well and I know how to talk.. but my thoughts are unorganized and my speech makes me sound like a confused child.<br />
-Social anxiety. I avoid Walmart and walking around my neighborhood.<br />
-Can't understand the rules in society, people's feelings, or why people think the way they do. <br />
-OCD.<br />
-I become obsessed with one person.. often whoever I'm in a relationship with. I only have enough love to love just that one person. I cannot date someone who is "neurotypical".. I try to date good, normal people, but they always end up having some serious mental illness.<br />
-Rather communicate with others online than in person. I also don't answer the phone and rarely answer the door.<br />
-Avoid eye contact and have sensory problems.. mostly auditory. <br />
-Have very narrow interests that I can talk or read about all day.<br />
-No imagination.

tiderider; here's my list: Copied and paste from yours.<br />
<br />
# Trouble speaking. Don't find, often confuse or interchange words or parts of a sentence. <br />
= If you mean like dyslexia, I have it.<br />
<br />
# Can't interpret facial ex<x>pression, gestures, tone of voice <br />
= False.<br />
<br />
# Sensory problems of mainly auditory type <br />
= Yes<br />
<br />
# Stimming <br />
= Very rarely.<br />
<br />
# Lack of flexibility, especially with respect to changes in schedule <br />
= I am more of a routine person and sometimes, I can handle change, it depends what it is.<br />
<br />
# Avoid eye contact and can freak out when being touched unexpectedly <br />
= I don't avoid eye contact. I actually love looking into people's eyes. If I don't understand, I tend to read lips.<br />
<br />
# Don't socialize <br />
= Maybe now, I don't socialize like I used to but before I did not have a problem. I wait for someone to start the conversation though. I won't approach first most of the time.<br />
<br />
# Like animals over humans <br />
= I like them both. For sure with animals, they will not backstab us, unlike humans.<br />
<br />
# No understanding of social values and correlations <br />
= I am more of an introvert, not saying I don't like spending time with people but I also need my alone time.<br />
<br />
# Can't communicate in person but rather write <br />
= I can communicate in person, I find it easier through writting and in most cases, I rather in writting.<br />
<br />
# Living very reclusive and don't miss contact with humans <br />
= Before, once in a while I used to spend time with others, I don't do it much anymore for X reasons. I need human contacts even if I don't directly talk to them.<br />
<br />
# More often than not emotional blindness towards others as well as myself. If someone asks me what i feel, my standard answer is "i don't know, let me think about." <br />
= I understand others and myself. I also say I don't know at times.<br />
<br />
# I don't understand "unreasonable" things and concepts <br />
= More of a yes then a no. (do not understand).<br />
<br />
# I do understand humor, irony, ambiguities at least to a degree in written, but not at all in spoken form <br />
= Most of the time, I understand it better in writting.

#6: I also don't like being touched unexpectedly.

There's things I can relate with you and others I don't. They say Aspies are different and not everyone has the same traits or characteristics. I have a few and I still don't know about Aspergers.