How Strange And Weird. Are We Drawn To One Another?

I've been lurking on a web-board called /furi/ for several years.  Its basically a trolling board for the ostracized masses of the furry fetish/fandom.  A term they like to use a lot to insult someone is to say someone is acting like they have Asperger's, or as they say it, assburgers.  It irritates me a lot which is why i almost never post there but i decided to blast them today by looking up the symptoms of Asperger's and berating them for using the term so insultingly.  The funny thing is after looking up the symptoms i realized that just about 90 percent of the people on the board have some form of Asperger's most of them to a T.  I had to laugh.  I realize that the whole web-board is filled with ignorant hypocrites.  But makes me we seems to naturally draw together?  Is that why after years of seeing the place as having no worth to it i still hang around?
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3 Responses May 15, 2012

i think we get drawn together by default, because we're outcasts. i'm sure that about half the crowd i hung with in melbourne ten years ago were on the spectrum, and some of those who weren't were 'just' girlfriends of those who were. they were outcasts in the sense that they were into drugs (grog, pot, speed) and didn't really have anyone else outside the drug crowd.

What I think would be hilarious is when someone tells someone who has AS that they have "assburgers", they respond by correctly telling them how to actually pronounce Asperger. It sounds more like "Ah-spell-gell" at least that is how it sounded to me when I heard the pronunciation. If they get a response like that, that should make them shut up.

true words thanks for posting