Asperger's or Avoidant

I have been reading lots on Asperger's. I also know what an Avoidant personality disorder is. These two disorders can be quite similar.

I copied and paste what I have found online.

People with aspergers are not withdrawn around others like in other forms of autism. They do approach others. They just lack the ability to interpret social ques of physical expressions. They may go into a one sided long winded conversation with someone else freely. They just do not get the ques others try to give about how they are interacting. "active but odd"

I approach others if I have to. I rather others approach me first though.
I don't lack the ability to interpret social cues of physical expressions.
I do not go into a one sided conversation freely.
I do get the others cues they try giving about my interaction.
I can be odd at times, if we like to say that.

Avoidant people are withdrawn. They are highly unlikely to strike up any kind of conversation with someone they are not familiar with and will feel highly uncomfortable short in response and quiet when others try to talk to them. They are beyond just aware of others social ques when they are interacting with others. They are hypervigillant. In fact they spend so much time anylizing both their own language and body language and that of others trying to figure out how they are being percieved that they may loose track of the actual conversation or become randomly silent.

I am avoidant to a certain extent. It is true. I will not start a conversation with someone I don't know unless they start with me first.
True = I am aware of others social cues.
I am hypervigillant.
I analyse my language and others + body language.
I am a silent person.

the aspergers person may appear aloof flat or indifferent in expression
the avoidant nervous shy fearful but expressive

I can seem cold which I am not really...I am friendly.
I am not nervous shy, never was. I can be fearful of certain situation and yet I am expressive.

People with aspergers are not so much introverted as prefering their narrow range of interests and subjects and having difficulty relating to others socially.
People with avoidant personality are beyond introverted. They wish and long for relationships with others and have a normal range of interests in things and in people they are just terribly afraid of being rejected or demeaned by them.

I like my subject of interests. Doesn't mean I won't talk about others.
I am an introvert. I also like to spend time with people but I need my alone time as well.
I've always been kind of afraid of rejection. Once it happened, I kinda got used to it since I cannot do anything about it, it is done.


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Well, I definitely do not have Asperger's, but I am learning something new. Thank you so much. I like you so much that I will do whateverrrr, you ask of me(sorry). You are beautiful!

Thanks KB :)