Random Questions

I have a couple of questions that are as random as I am.

First, I was diagnosed with PDD-NOS a few years ago and it really helped me make sense of some things. One of those is my love for wearing and wetting diapers. I have loved diapers for many years and now wear them all the time. As long as I can remember I have wanted to wear & wet them. When I was unable to wear them, that is all I thought about. The provide security and are very comfortable for me. Fortunately for me I have a real medical reason to wear them, nerve damage and I am glad. They have helped with my depression too along with so many more reasons. Is this common with those diagnosed with Asperger's?

Second, My wife and others I know have told me that I am the most random person they know. Is this too common with Asperger's?
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1 Response May 17, 2012

It seems like some people with mental health conditions, learning issues, neurological problems, PTSD, develop this fetish, especially the ones who were forced out of diapers at a young age or were abused or bullied. But then again people without any of this can also develop this fetish. <br />
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Is there a connection between this and autism? Maybe. I also think there could be a connection to this with other conditions too. <br />
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Plus on ADISC, someone once posted a link to some study and it said only 5% in the AB/DL community have autism. <br />
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I am not sure about the random part but they have always annoyed me. It happens to be my pet peeves because I then always get confused.