I Can Answer "yes" To Most Of This

I found this on a blog on the internet.

Hey you, over there! Have you always felt like you are different from everyone else around you? YES.

The odd one out, never able to fit in? YES.

Have you always wondered why you could never relate to your peers? YES. Did you have trouble making conversation when it seemed everyone else was laughing and carrying about so easily? Did you always want friends, but were never able to make them? YES. Or maybe you never wanted friends and other people thought this was weird?

Does being around lots of people make you nervous, do loud noises make you jump, do certain smells make you want to make a hasty retreat to the nearest exit? YES.

Have people told you that you are smart and that you could do anything if you just tried? YES. Do you wonder why you are so good at some things but have so much difficulty with other, seemingly very simple tasks? YES. Has anybody called you oblivious, or said that you have no common sense? Oh YES.

Do you like to think deeply, and hate superficial conversations and small talk? YES, YES, and YES.

DancingFox DancingFox
31-35, F
1 Response Jun 5, 2012

Hey yes I can identify with much of that at times , feeling a bit different and with a sense of being capable of so much more.