Since I Was Little.

I have had Asperger's for as long as I've been around... but I didn't get any Occupational therapy until I was about 16 almost 17 and they helped me with my communication and empathy issues... also they had me take up sketching as a way of re-adapting to my adexterity... I posted some of my stuff here matter of fact... they helped me through the facial expression things and tone of voice.... they even taught me how to act on a date with a girl and a few other things... my biggest problem was with my father and his innability to understand... second place goes to mom... who thaks to her over-eagerness to help made my life a living hell... but I understand it was all in good intentions... I realize why she did those things to me... the therapists, shrinks, counselers, even an excorsist... but in the end I know she was doing the best she could... I should have been more understanding, but it's hard when your just a kid that can't understand why no one likes him...
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My 7 year old daughter is an Aspie and I try to find out tips to help her from adults who are Aspies. Keep writing, you can not only help yourself but others with the same problems and teach those ignorant about Asperger's some things about it. What is your biggest problem with romantic relationships? My daughter doesnt like to be touched, and she avoids anything that has to do with feelings. Is this true for you as an adult?

Feelings hurt. And while I personally hate to be touched I still like sex and I used to lose my erections when she touched me... but after a while i accepted that i have to be touched... that was my biggest problem there but I'm sure you dont want to think of your 7 yo daughter having sex eh (:
to be honest Being touched will never be an enjoyable experienc but i love my wife and I know she craves to touch and be touched so i let her... unless I'm in a mood... then she has learned not to touch me.... I'll write more

I'm an Aspie too, and I can't stand how some parents can be ignorant over diagnoses. My parents were always there for me when I needed them.

my problem was misdiagnosis. I had run away from home and been on my own for three years before someone recognised my symptoms

I had never been involved in a commited relationship once.

You have overcome much. I wish you much happiness for the rest of your life.

thank you so much. I hope that my wife jen will be the main source of that hapiness.

great post

thank you...