So I Listen..

They say I have Aspergers.. So I listen, everything makes sense, wow that's me!

I read the books, watch the videos.. Everything I have always struggled with has an answer, Its Aspergers Syndrome.

Shoot me now.
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1 Response Sep 12, 2012

That's how it was for me,too: finding out about the Asperger's it all made sense ; it just all "clicked"; it's like; Wow, THAT explains everything; THAT'S why everyone's always called me "weird" my entire life, why I never fit in, and why I've always been different than other people; it all makes sense now! It was good to finally have an answer, like having all the pieces of a puzzle fit together! It's also good to know I am not alone, that there are others like me,too and that it has a name.