Yes, I Have AS, Officially Diagnosed.

I was diagnosed with AS April 1, 2011, so I haven't been diagnosed for very long.

AS has made it VERY hard for me to keep a girlfriend, and I recently nearly lost a woman I loved probably partially because of my condition.

Living with this has been difficult because I cannot easily read people, or their intentions toward me. I also tend to feel very strongly what I feel, and she nearly was overwhelmed by my affections. VERY HARD for me to understand!

I may have found a woman who can really love me for me. I need to keep my chin up; keep on trying to keep her. Hopefully love will keep our relationship strong! :-)

Just wanted to share a quick story about my problems with AS in my life.

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Looks like this story is well on the way to a happy ending. So happy for you both!

Our sincere thanks, climber1! :-D

You explained it very well. I love you soo much. Others like this story too!

I dearly love you, and am sooo thankful I could update my story to "nearly", instead of it being a total loss! my condition certainly makes it harder for me to read people, and the strange looks I get tell me I didn't say the right thing in answer to something they just told me. It can be HARD, Dear Love! Read your book on autism, yet? might help if you did before we meet in person- I sure DON'T want you to be surprised or scared at my autistic ways, Sweetheart! :-/

I was and am in love with an aspie man. I think if I would have known then what I know now the issues would not be issues for me. I accept him for who he is. But I think he believes no one could n he keeps me at a distance. Keeps everyone at a distance. It hurts that I lost him because I wasn't aware he never meant to hurt me and thus I hurt him when I confronted him about.
I'd give it my all to try again. But we can't communicate like this :(
He doesn't know I know. Although he once hinted.

I do wish you good luck in getting everything worked out! When you're an Aspie, it's HARD to explain things well (if trying to verbally- for me), and nearly impossible to read social cues. I know, because I tend to either say the wrong thing, socially, or to say it in an odd manner that gets me odd looks in return...:-/

I have two friends with Aspergers traits and I feel fortunate to have them in my life. One is an exbf. They are both some of the sweetest, most thoughtful and honest people that I know. I hope you are able to find love, you deserve it. We all do! Take care~

Thank you! I feel fortunate that the same woman I wrote about, here, is now closer to me than ever, before!
I believed it broken when I write this. GLAD I was wrong! :-)

That is good news...ya know there is something special about this community...I've experienced that it really brings unique people together that would've never ordinarily have met. I'm glad for you think you may possibly meet in the future?

I think so....we're already planning on that, anyway....Thanks! :-)

Maybe you just have to meet someone like you? A girl with Asperger's would understand you perfectly.

Maybe. But I am also on a site for people with AS, and they either aren't interested, or just don't understand about "love" and related feelings. As I said, HARD to deal with! *sigh*

I'm the social subtipe of AS. But I'm from Czech republic, Europe.
I'm also very lonely. I never had a relationship... no one ever loved me (outside my family).
I'm 28 yo and so lonely it hurts.
Czech republic is a small country, so there are not many Aspergers...
And it's hard to get in contact with them.
And I cannot travel. I'm unable to spend that long time outside my comfort zone - my home (my room) and outside my "inner world" (that's my autistic side - I need to be by myself, just writing or drawing for long hours).

Because of that I don't have any hope to ever find someone for me.

Thanks, I'd NEED good luck in finding a woman who was a "close match" to me. I am different enough that it WON'T be easy! I've known that fact long before my AS diagnosis.

I KNOW how you feel, KaterinaS! Been through years of loneliness and frustration, myself....

YOU are a GIFT of God
in to this world... and i
wish the very best in you Life ............ ♥

THANK YOU, sweatowet! That's one of the nicest things anybody has said to me for quite a while! God bless you! :-D *simply beaming*

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welcome hope you adjust

Thanks. Me, too!

good post. Sooo glad we remain friends.

I believe if we chose not to be friends, we'd both be very hurt by it. My thanks for your sweet comment, too.

such a sweetheart!

I'm glad you and I are still close, Terry! :-) It helps keep me from going bonkers. :-/ hehe

It means alot to me too. HUGS! Good post. You explain it well!

(((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))) Thank you! You need caring friends to get through this life. Without them, you wouldn't last very long! :-P GLAD to have some friends! *BIG, toothy smile*

You'll find alot of them here, believe me! You're stories are catching canfind some support here too!

I'm finding more and more, thank God! :-D I LOVE you still, MY parakeet, and I don't believe it's going to die any time soon, either! *feeling high- spirited*

i don't think it will. You have sooo much love to give. you're finding ALOT of support too!!!!!! YYYYAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! Just the boost you need!Writting more stories too/thats great!

:-) Yup! Writing more stories as the days go by. That helps me and hopefully others, too!

Good form of solice sometimes. I just have to try not to stay here so long sometimes! hehehehehe

ME, TOO!!! :-)) Hahahahahahahahaha! But you already KNEW that, didn't you? ;-)

Helped me through some hard times.It's helped you too:) oxoxoxoxox

That's right! Helped bring a couple of people together who started to love each other as best friends, forever! Wonder who I'm talking about? ;-) *hugs and kisses for my parakeet*

i know who! lotsa oxoxoxoxoxox for my BFF!

That's RIGHT! SOOOO many hugs and kisses for MY BFF!

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