I'm a 34 year old executive, happily married, and proud mom of two boys (5 and 9). I've lost two family members to cancer this year which has really brought my Aspergers symptoms to unbearable new levels...with no time to meditate and refocus myself. I can't believe how many of my quirks, idiosyncrasies, and past problems are related to my Aspergers. I'm just starting this new era of self awareness and "behavioral therapy"...oh joy.
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I know what you mean about medical records, they can come back and bite you in the ***. Most of the time when you least expect it. I figured out a way, for me, to avoid some of that. I see different doctors for different things. It does help and because of HIPAA compliance fed laws it works, at least for me. My regular doctor is the one that gave me the heads up about not taking referrals (hint- paper trail) from him or any doctor. Since most of my meds were prescribed by a shrink it was a bit difficult but once I got past that it has been pretty good. Some of my meds require blood test for kidney and liver functioning. That was a bit tricky at first until I found an independent lab that would do the test all I needed was an order from the doctor. They are not connected to my GP so I 'm fine. It does make it interesting and keep me on m toes.

My stance is, just say "NO" to social gatherings. Pain in the *** and not too interesting. I always say "I don't like to go places where my IQ is greater than the combined IQs of the social group" I don't get invited out much since I said that to several people.

Merry Christmas or Happy New Year or whatever.

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I get it. Been there done that, well am there doing that would be closer. Are you on any meds? You know regular routines and regimented daily life really helps. Everyone thought my parents were crazy for letting me enlist but it did help. The rigorous exercise and consistent daily routine made me feel safe and helped me be more productive. Check out for help.

I have thought of meds, but that would mean making AS part of my permanent medical record which I would like to avoid. So, for now, people just have to take me for my apparently aloof and disinterested self. My husband is very understanding and that helps a ton. He had to delicately explain to my MIL why she didn't need to help my social life by inviting me to a huge holiday dinner party with her 50-60 year old friends....aghhhh!