And I Think My Son Does Too...

So. I know I have AS, and I strongly suspect that my genius, hand-flapping, prone to melt-downs, socially awkward son does too. I try to teach him how to cope with his frustrations, his grave concerns with going to new places or meeting new people, making friends (and understanding them), and with his clumsiness (I'm trying to get him to focus on swimming where he excels vs football where...well, not so much). But, is that enough? Because I can relate, I think I can help him through those challenging middle school and high school years, but how do I know if he needs more? How do I know if he needs professional help? Sometimes I don't trust my own judgement, so I'm asking for second and third opinions.
Jwhit99 Jwhit99
1 Response Dec 12, 2012

Don't risk it. Get him to a professional right away :)