I was diagnosed with it, and no offence to anyone else with it, but i don't really think its a real thing.

So i think differently to the majority of people, how is this a disorder? Most of the time it seems like everyone else has the disorder, they need all these crazy societal rules just to communicate, and they still dont do it very well, so i tend to have more misunderstandings than most people, but the misunderstandings are when life gets fun, some of my best friend came from funny misunderstandings.

You see i was only recently diagnosed with aspergers, many people suggested i might have it over the years, but i didnt really see the point in checking, it wouldnt change if i had it or not, so everything that is aspergers syndrome, i just thought of as part of who i am, and really, i think i was right in the first place, aspergers isn't a disorder, its just a personality type.
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Either you really don't have it or you have it so mild, you don't see the difference in yourself and others and you are also so positive. For others who have it severe or moderate are really effected by it. But hey at least they are getting rid of this label in the DSM and they have just approved it. Now it will all be autistic spectrum disorder.

It's not like it's not there, the difference between my and my friends is painfully obvious, and it's taken my whole life to learn how to pretend to be normal, and I still don't get it right all the time. I just don't think that because someone is different it should be called a disorder.
It probably is mild, but it's not like it isn't a struggle just to interact with anyone, even my friends.

At an autism/Asperger's website I frequent, the saying goes... "If you think you have it, you probably have it."

There's also a habit of "adapting" over the years. At some point, you get a clue that you're different, and you start mimicking those around you to do your best to blend in. But it still drains your batteries way quicker than neurotypical people, and you need recharge time afterwards. Not to mention, writing on a website is easy for us. I could blend 365 if life was just web-based communication.

Yea, the only problem with adapting is that if your batteries run out before a night out with friends is over, it takes a hell of a lot of effort to convince then you've got to go.


...usually works.

it really doesn't -_- I've tried it. It's more effort explaining why you abruptly vanished after that sentence than it is to go through the tedious dance in the first place.

Yes pretty much, and I only know one of them well enough to get close to telling him that no, I often don't like being with them, but for the times that I do, I tolerate the times that I don't. Not many people come across as an average good, those that do are my friends. The three that are all good are dead, my sister, or too complicated.

yea, I suppose because she is young enough compared to me for me to have influenced her growing up means that we have similar personalities, she is NT though.

I really don't know any, not diagnosed anyway, it's possible that I know people who have AS and don't know it, but I haven't noticed any signs.

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Truly you are right ! Be a free spirit, thats all that matters !

Agreed, you sound very bright and nice.

If you were the only white person on earth and everyone else was black, they'd say you have a disorder for that, too. When really, it's just that it might be harder for you to "fit in." Hence, Asperger's. I'm superior in many ways, and inferior in many others. I'm just different, and since having Asperger's makes me a part of a minority, it *is* harder to fit in and understand societal norms. So the disorder part of it may be a mislabel (one that I hear they're doing away with anyway) but it serves a purpose. So I agree that it's not a disorder, but having a label for it serves a purpose. I call it "syndrome" still. I refuse to believe that having a high IQ, watching anime, and being easily bored with people is somehow a "disorder."

especially since most people make an effort to be so boring, fitting in, being the same as everybody else.

"Oh... you have an iPhone 23XYZ?" *make mental note: MUST HAVE iPHONE 23XYZ NOW*

well I'm confused, is this a commentary on society or can you really tell that in messaging from an iPhone?

A play on fitting in. Not a good one, but oh well. I can't pull 'amazing' 24/7.

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You are right in many ways..My daughter has a very quirky personality and people are quick to want to label it.The truth is who is to say....years ago there was not the need to label everyone,however today if u are the least bit different everyone seems to feel the need to address it. I always say better to be different than boring the hell out of people!!!

Well, years ago they didn't know I had AS and I was tortured throughout grade school and high school because I didn't have any resources to deal with it, or even a clue what was "wrong" with me (/different). So yes, years ago there WAS a need for it. It's just that no one knew why that kid was going through hell, or no one cared.

I suppose an earlier diagnosis could have helped with the bullying... but I don't regret anything in my life, even the 7 years of walking around with a target on my back, and even though it can be very useful knowing what's different, I still don't think it should be called a disorder.

Who's calling it a disorder? I've never heard that until now. It's called Asperger's Syndrome. Anyone calling it otherwise is either uninformed or stupid.

A Disorder is defined as an ailment that affects the function of the mind or body

A syndrome is defined as a condition characterised by a set of associated symptoms

where is the difference?

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