Obsessive Interests

An aspie friend of mine told me how her therapist advised her to use the phrase "I am passionate about..." instead of "obsessive interests".

Unfortunately, it doesn't always work. My friend is "passionate about the Holocaust". Hum, that doesn't ring right.

Me: I am passionate about films and books. OK, that works.

I am passionate about foxes. That's borderline weird.

I am passionate about Norman Reedus. Where did I put my crazy fangirl hat again? Coz that's really not much better than the girls I was ranting about...

(Mind you, "I have an obsessive interest in Norman Reedus" doesn't sound quite right either. Le sigh.)

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4 Responses Dec 23, 2012

I am passionate about lifts and they are my top favourite machines, the best man ever invented and elevator/lift enthusiast/filmer.

At Least you can speak french.. only 4% of all people in this world can do that.

You do have a nice sense of humour though , and that is the most important thing.

Thanks Peza! I try to laugh at myself... taking oneself too seriously is not good for one's health.

I always tease and joke with people.


I blame my Aspergers. We DO get obsessive interests. It's in my diagnosis.

And at least I don't twitter-rape the poor guy daily.

Oh. Good. Lord. "Twitter-rape". :/

I am serious. Read this: http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Have-A-Twitter/2815324

All comments from "Fangirls" have been copied and pasted exactly as they had been posted by the girls in question on his twitter page. The bits in italics are just my thoughts that I refrained from voicing on there...