Broken Boundaries

World constructed of blocks,
Lego-lines arranged by colour,
shape, size. Each fits together,
exactly; geometrically precise.

I don’t know where you fit.
You’re too friendly; it scares me.
My mould doesn’t match
and I can’t seem to adapt.

It’s not that I don’t want to-
if I could, I’d use your warmth to
melt the boundaries of routine,
blurring the blocks to rainbow rivers.

I can feel the edges softening,
time-blocks merging slowly together.
Morning, afternoon and evening
fuse into a single unit;

the sun slides fluidly from east to west
as a burnished arc, golden river.
It both excites and terrifies me.
Guilt flutters nauseously.

I’m scared of this malleable world
without rigid routine blocks.
I’m not sure how to act, afraid
now the structures start to sink.

Rules disintegrate to dust
and walls slip in molten heaps.
I’m exposed, protectionless against
strange emotions bubbling from the foundations.

The problem is that I like it.
I like the freedom, the volatile thrill
of breaking the structure of habit-driven years,
the sudden unfamiliar buzz of intense feeling.

I like it too much, high
on people and the rush of acceptance.
I’m piecing together new boundaries
and I don’t want to mess it up.
Luna137 Luna137
26-30, F
2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

Thank you both, that's really nice of you. I'm not usually a poem writer (never used to really understand that a poem 'was' or how to write one) but did a poetry module at uni a couple of years ago and kind of enjoyed it, so want to try to keep writing them so I don't forget how!

great poem thank you