Diagnosed In 2010

I don't really know how to begin.
I am now 43.
It's strange to have a label and sometimes I just forget I'm "wired up a little differently".
It came to light in my previous live-in relationship of 11yrs, and it has resurfaced in my current relationship last year.
Basically anyone I am intimate with or live with is who I affect the most.
Personally I think aspergic folks make perfect sense and it's everyone else - the so-called "Neurotypicals" who are messed up.
I am high functioning, a skilled drummer and bass player.
Apparently we have to learn all our social cues because it doesn't come naturally to us.
I look back on my life, and it starts to make some kind of sense.
I don't particularly like young children, because I didn't like them or fit in when I was a young child myself.
Anyway, we all have our part to play in the grand scheme of things.
If you want something doing properly and without compromise, then I'm your man.
Just don't expect it to be done yesterday!
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Dear randomrod,

I do not wish to disrespect this space. My name is Justine Zavala and I am currently a student at Cal State Dominguez Hills. I am doing a research paper on Asperger's Syndrome. I would like to present the opportunity for any who would not mind participating to do so. Below is a link that will send you to a link to fill out a survey which should take no more than 10 minutes. Thanks so much for your time.


I have Asperger's too and trying hard to make a friend. I've told I may hurt someone every once in a while but it's alway unintentionally and I try to ask why they are hurt but most of the time i don't understand why they are upset. :(

I can tell you one thing. We live in their (NTs) world and in order to 'get along' you have to get along.
I have also made a mess of my marriage. More-so before I knew about the A.S. but I can be pretty weird anyway.
I think most people take me for an Absent Minded Professor type. My A.S. makes me very good at thinking outside the box and accomplishing tasks. I also have a tough time supervising my crew of six because I misunderstand them as easily as I misunderstand my wife.
I try and I fail and I try some more.
Frankly, I hate it. The other day I saw a guy abusing his wife in Subway and thought that jerk probably has a healthier emotional relationship with his wife than I do, and I am a mostly a good person. I would never intentionally do what he did but I might thoughtlessly hurt my wife (I am talking verbally) even in a public setting.
When I am not reminding myself of the A.S. I can be very much a jerk. I hate it.
I am trying. What more can you do?

That would be a way to go, but I think it would be uncomfortable, Maybe a tattoo. Ha! (joke)


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