Adult Aspie Survival List

Hello all. Several months ago I was coming to terms with my recent diagnosis of Adult Asperger's Syndrome, and I was angry about it and made a not so positive post. If anyone remembers, I apologize for that.

Anyhoo, I'm sort of down in the dumps today about issues regarding AS, so I figure I'll make it into positive energy by sharing some of the things I've learned about growing up with AS, even though I was diagnosed only two years ago.

-Assertiveness with women is *hard*; think in terms of the date you aim for, and not the girl you want a date from.

-Most people don't understand the thinking of an Aspie; hell, even we don't understand ourselves at times. This doesn't need to be a bad thing; a note pad in the pocket can save hundreds of bits of abstract story writing matierial.

-Everything is made 100% better with hot sauce.

-Some may question the direction of our focus, but no one will deny that we are masters of what we take interest in.

-Asperger's people can be employees most compatible with difficult bosses. When all else fails, we can shut up, tune everyone else out, and focus on our work 100%.

-Most people do not need 2000-word explanations on most things.

-Sometimes we have difficulty dealing with the unfairness in society that we don't understand. Whenever it does not involve bad things, see the world in terms of what you can make of it, and not what it makes of you.

-Most women don't like to be stared at in the eyes during sex.

-It's good to be polite, but don't forget to use sarcasm where it is expected! I.e., most interactions with other buddies.

-We have a godly weapon of trolling that most people lack; we can outright confuse other trolls by making them unsure of whether or not we are truly dumb in a situation or just messing around, all while keeping our usual unreadable demeanors.

-Life is much less complicated when we cross bridges, quickly, as we approach them. Actually, scratch that...*leap* over them.

-When it seems people aren't understanding you, talk to your dog!

-Remember that most people are too busy focusing on themselves to really care about any mistakes you might make!

Anyway, that's it for now.

Please, add to the list in responses if you so choose!
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

I'm a borderline aspie. I enjoyed this quote, "Some may question the direction of our focus, but no one will deny that we are masters of what we take interest in."