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im a teenager and have asburgers. i have been bullied all my life. i haye my brother and sisters because they are selfish. my dad is cool but my mam can be nasty sometimes. i like girls not boys. on the subject of that i dont like people who are mean to gays but i am a bit scared of some of them. like that gay person on the telly who does those dance shows( i fogot his name) i cant choos witch is my faveriot food: cake or chips? i am a quit bad speller so fogive me. i wouldnt say i was hopeless romantic but i do want to have a girlfreind.
il stop now because i dont want to write to mutch
Jkirkley09 Jkirkley09
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 18, 2013

I've been bullied my entire life,too. I could never figure out why or why everyone always called me "weird" and why I wasn't like other people and never fit in until I realized I had Asperger's and then it all made sense although it still didn't hurt any less. Not only was I picked on in school but even my own family bullies me and makes fun of me,even now as an adult, my husband,kids,and mother all make fun of me. I wish I could be something else and someone else so they could love and accept me, but I can't and it hurts that they hate me and mock me for being what I am.