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My Aspie Story.

I was Diagnosed when I was in the fifth grade, probably around 2002. I've been described as Moderate. I'm not nearly as AS as some people are. I'm actually pretty proud of being an Aspie. :)
BlackEnvy BlackEnvy 16-17, F 11 Responses May 30, 2007

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it gets easier
i wouldnt recommend putting oneself on a scale you are where you are....comparisons never leads me to a good place

most aspies women go for non aspie men .....someone who can fill in the blanks, i hope to find a woman who can do the same like my dad did ( who probably has aspergers) and thereby you can both enrich each others worlds

I have aspie and becuz of it i wish i could throw myslef into traffic and have actually tried

nocturnal im sure you might have depression .... i know as ive been on anti depressants for 2 yrs

depression and anxiety often go with aspergers or autism

just remind yourself the world isnt as bad as it seems to be
its better with you in it

and if you feel like throwing yourself into traffic please see a doctor to possibly get some meds and think about talking to a therapist or a cousellor

even if life is ****** atm its better than being dead and you hurting or killing yourself would only hurt the people around u.....


Wow I am finding I have as much trouble communicating here as I do in real life. I meant to ask forevernoctornal13 why they wanted to throw themselves in front of trafic. I mean by saying things like "go see a counselor" and I have heard "it's not worth it all problems will pass."
I don't know about you guys here as I am new to this and even when I am not I imagine I still won't know what anyone else is thinking.
Back to my point knowing the reason for him wanting to throw himself in front of traffic seems to be important. For instance if I am around people for longer than an hour I too feel like throwing myself in front of traffic. On the other hand if I spend a night to myself I feel rejuvenated and confident.
Maybe like me (this is why I joined) they are struggling to understand why NT always seem to live in a state of maybe. Nothing is ever as it seems in their world. Everything is a guess there are no real answers. I like my black and white thinking but am forced to live in a world with a constant grey this gets overwhelming to say the least. Perhaps like me this person just needs advice on how to deal with NT's.
Or maybe they are really depressed and going through something and they do need a couselor meds whatever... Anyway this is my long explanation on the reason I think asking why is so important.

Hear hear!
I'm all for Neurodiversity!

Me too! Not everyone can say that!

I'm an Aspie with A.d.d.

yes! aspergers are smart! autistic people are really smart but teenagers still cruel to support them I just rather say go bug someone else because i don't feel like trusting anybody <br />
am proud too

I like the Perks of AS but i hate the Cons of it but i'd prefer to be me as i am than me without AS

I think I'm proud to be an aspie too, the name is almost catchy. almost.

How can you tell if you have AS. I know I have some kind of a problem. My wife says I am unemotional and says that she does not feel loved by me, even though she also says that I love her in my own way. We have been married 18 years. I find it difficult to carry on with small talk and have difficulty getting along with others. I have mild dyslexia, but have struggled for years, hence I can spell and type reasonably well. Are these possible signs of aspergers, or is it something else?

Those are just the tip of the iceberg... add in things like black and white thinking - concrete thinking - Zone passion (like trains, cars etc) - Communication issues - cognitive issues - sensory issues. and that is STILL just the beginning.... Aspergers can be co-morbid with several disorders. For instance I have ADHD, Bi Polar, Sensory Processing Disorder and Aspergers. Hope you find the answers you are looking for :)

Hey Oddi,
I have 40 years with my wife. Diagnosed 5 years past and out of denial a few months. Marriage isn't great and it the most important thing in my life. I take it day by day.
My wife says that I cannot express authentic love for her. And she your know, eh? If I say "I love you" or smile or what-have-you. She does realize, since diagnosis, how difficult it is for me to begin a conversation. I think that my trying to reach out to her is more important then all of the NT imitations I can do.
Our marriage was rocky before the diagnosis and I will not say it is better because of it but the marriage is different.
Wish us luck, eh?

See a qualified cognitive therapist - hard to find but out there!

i agree although be careful anyone who claims to be able to cure you is probably lying

a good therapist can help with anxiety and depression and social interaction ,but dont expect miracles, a lot of time and effort is needed from both u and the therapist

that said the right therapist can work wonders for u (refering to b.e. not dm)

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Welcome to the club!

Me, too, <br />
except that I'm a 52-year-old mom, and I just figured it out a couple of months ago. It's like the whole world has opened up and everything suddenly makes sense.<br />
I can only imagine how much better my life would have been if I had known when I was ten. You lucked out.