Neurotypicals Are Really Quite Intrusive

Not all neurotypicals, but specifically just the "neurotypicunts" (a word that someone on Facebook coined a couple of years ag)o.

I mean, really, forcing eye contact? And accusing us of nefarious motives if we don't!

Then there's the way they notice every little physical detail about you, like a broken nail, a crumb on your jumper, a little bum crack showing, mismatched socks, the fact that you're wearing an animal onesie... which, sure, anyone can accidentally notice those things, but honestly, do they really have to make the snarky little comments?

I'm not quite sure what autism is anymore, but I do know that the privacy of our own little worlds is a very big part of it! And if gaze aversion is an expression of that, then we must turn it around on them when they try to change us.

We respect others by NOT looking closely at them, and maybe we'd like something approximating that in return.
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3 Responses Aug 1, 2013

I agree. Just because the majority of people are neurotypicals, that doesn't mean we should insist aspies and auties force themselves to ape our social behavior. Sincere acceptance, and putting forth the effort to understand one another is more important than anything else. We don't insist people in wheel chairs use the stairs, why should we insist auties behave in ways that aren't organic or authentic to them? Unless real harm is a possibility, neurotypicals need to expand their scope of acceptable social behaviour.

With me it's all their hypocritical unspoken social rules we have to navigate, and then end up in a "feelings-fest" conversation about when we have failed to navigate what is not obvious to us.

NT girls have always been problem to me, even before I was even in 5th grade. Their charms would always work on us.