I Just Found Out That I Have Aspergers Syndrome?

Hello my name is Aleksander and im 18 years old. I havent been going to school very much because of social interactions and such and my mom can see how bad its going, so today she took the option of telling me about me getting diagnosed ''Aspergers Syndrome'' as 5 years old. I can't remember anything, but i do see myself in most of the symptoms like being very bad with social interactions, terrible at making eye contact and things like focusing on specefic objectects instead of looking at the whole picture. Im gonna express myself fully since this is a public website and my honest truth is that my mom has put me through 3 diffrent types of alcoholics and the worst one is called ''Steen'' hes the man who still haunts me every night when i go to sleep but lets not talk about that because im trying to forget him.
What i don't get is that my mother has known this the whole time and still she has no respected it. She has always been trying to push me into a friendship and always pushing me out to the limit where i just scream as loud as i can when shes not home.
Can you please give me a story of your experience or just some tips?
Thank you for taking your time to read some of my story.

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So, first of all, Your mother is totally irresponsible. She knew you had Asperger's all this time. She should have put you in a specialized school instead of leaving you like this. I know most of the parents have difficulty admitting that their kids aren't "normal", but it's her duty to help you, as Asperger's makes your life very hard ( because our society requires so much damn social interaction -_-"). If you can, try to confront her about what she did. In my opinion, she didn't have the right to hide something so much important from you and should have acted as a responsible adult instead of denying everything.
Seriously, all she did to you was total irresponsibility.

So, again, confront her. She must get over the fact that you have AS and help you!