Daniel Tammet: Born On a Blue Day

If you have Asperger's you should really think about reading Daniel Tammet's book "Born On A Blue Day". He has Savant Syndrome which is very close to Asperger's and writes about his whole life and how he learned to cope with his disorder. It's really a great book.
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I've read part of that book, anyway. I need to check it back out of the library to have another look at it, though.

I read both of those books. I do not believe I am anywhere on the autistic spectrum and certainly not a savant but I highly related to Daniel's description of loose associative dreaming - I think on page 73 of "Born on a Blue Day". I have watched what I callled "pictures" since I was around seven. It is like the opposite of lucid dreaming. I am awake but watching silent dreams. It is not hallucinating because I see them only with my eyes closed and am totally aware that they are internal. Highly entertaining. I read books like the above because i am always looking for someone else who does this same thing. I believe you are out there possibly looking for me. Please reply if this sounds familiar. Daniiel?<br />
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thanks for the reading suggestion.

Thanks for the rec!

I've read that book. Good value! Have you read Donna Williams' books- "Nobody Nowhere" and Somebody Somewhere" ?