Daniel Tammet: Born On a Blue Day

If you have Asperger's you should really think about reading Daniel Tammet's book "Born On A Blue Day". He has Savant Syndrome which is very close to Asperger's and writes about his whole life and how he learned to cope with his disorder. It's really a great book.
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I've read part of that book, anyway. I need to check it back out of the library to have another look at it, though.

I read both of those books. I do not believe I am anywhere on the autistic spectrum and certainly not a savant but I highly related to Daniel's description of loose associative dreaming - I think on page 73 of "Born on a Blue Day". I have watched what I callled "pictures" since I was around seven. It is like the opposite of lucid dreaming. I am awake but watching silent dreams. It is not hallucinating because I see them only with my eyes closed and am totally aware that they are internal. Highly entertaining. I read books like the above because i am always looking for someone else who does this same thing. I believe you are out there possibly looking for me. Please reply if this sounds familiar. Daniiel?


thanks for the reading suggestion.

Thanks for the rec!

I've read that book. Good value! Have you read Donna Williams' books- "Nobody Nowhere" and Somebody Somewhere" ?