I Have Aspergers Syndrome

I was diagnosed with mild Autism possibly High Fucntioning but because my over all IQ is High Average. So I say I have Apspergers Syndrome.

I also have been diagnosed by a Forsencic Psychologist with PTSD and a Personalyt Disorder. The was given because I was locked away for three months under criminal law. The Hosptial Psychiatric service had also diagnosed me with Borderline Personality Disorder and mild autism and classes me as severly disabled. I have since been able to avoid contact with them because they at one stage forced me to take antipsychotic. The same when I was locked away for three months - I hate antipsychotics - They make you fat! I went from being skinny to slightly over weight because of this. I have suffered anoxeria and eating disorders in the past for me to go under the mental health act and forced treatment again - I would kill myslef if I got fat. That is why I take amphetamines.

Since I have seen my solictor for my current charges as there is a warrant for my arrest - she said hand yourself in on Monday and I will be bail you out. She said given my circumstances the court will most likely order treatment - NO NOT AGAIN! This is why I want to die.

JessiLauren JessiLauren
1 Response Feb 26, 2009

I know this sounds pathetic but every one loves me when I am skinny. They say I am gorgeous and could be a model. I don't have very good social skills to make friends and get boyfriends. So if I got fat - I wouldnt have a life. I get by with my looks.<br />
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When you are not socially adept - sometimes looks is all you have and my only chance in life especially since i ahve a leanring disability and makes academic success very difficult - if not impossible.<br />
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I am so sad of all of this.