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My son may have the potential diagnosis of Asperger's but I am so confused about this. The clinical psychiatrist he was seeing thought he might have ADHD. Is this part of Asperger's too?? When someone has Asperger's are they obsessive about some things? Can someone with Asperger's go to college and hold down a job? I just have so many questions that I don't know who to turn to........

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I know that ADD is part of Asperger's Syndrome. ADHD and ADD is almost the same thing except ADHD has Hyperactivity Disorder. So I think it can be. Now Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is part of the Aspergers.<br />
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I know all this because I have it. I am 18 years old and I am about to go through my senior year of high school. I am in all general eduaction classes, but I have paperwork within the school to help me to be more successful. <br />
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Kids with Aspergers can go to collage. I know that the community collage for us will help kids who have Aspergers or other disorders. They can also sometimes be able to hold down a job. You just will need to find a job that they would be best at and have it on record at the store that they do have a learning problem.<br />
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You are not being rude about asking what it is at all. <br />
Aspergers is a milder form of Autism or another words High Funtioning Autism. It is a learning issue. For me I am slower at maturing then others my same age. Some people may only talk about one thing that they really enjoy doing. People with this tend to have antisocial skills, especially boys. Girls tend to be more talkative. Their senses may be more sensitive. Me I am more sensitive to noises, my sister is more sensitive toward smells and things that are bright colored. Such as she can only use a blue highlighter, the other colors bother her.

PLEASE don't think me rude, BUT,<br />
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WHAT is Asperger's Syndrome?