My Kickstarter application is finally live.

I have autism and I find the preconceptions about the condition to be frustrating. I want to challenge these in an upcoming project.

My project

Later this year, I will be involved in a project that will highlight my experiences with autism. It will primarily focus on the last five years, but will also cover my earlier years – about having to cope with a condition that nobody knew I had. There will probably be a good deal of black humour involved.

How KickStarter can help

As part of the presentation, there will be a gallery space available. This will be a great opportunity to showcase my own pictures. These pictures are all digital, though, and I need some funds to get them printed.

These pictures will visually demonstrate that while I was recovering fro the car accident, I was also discovering a new creative outlet for myself.


I have the support of an organisation called Fixers, so the presentation is already going ahead. I will be personally documenting the whole process and then I will make a film to further promote it.

My mission

To make sure the upcoming event is as visually dynamic as possible and to showcase my own skills. To show people that autistic people are just as diverse as neurotypical people and that we don’t all fit into neat little boxes. To challenge preconceptions about the condition.

And to become known as a public speaker.

The Kickstarter profile is at

The full video is at
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Aug 18, 2014