The Way I See It

whenever i talk to people about my asperger's, they always say that it is a very mild form of autism.  and some people cant even tell that i have this disorder.  so why do i feel so awkward and out of place when im around people?  i know this is one of the symptoms, but i feel like i dwell on it so much that i start avoiding public places.  when i was first diagnosed, i pretended i didn't have asperger's. like if i ignored it, it would go away. but it always manages to surface and cause me emberrasment in some way.  recently, i read about a connection between autisim and eating disorders, both of which include rigid routines, repetative behavior, and a fear of change.  i am wondering if anyone else has heard of this connection.  

ashleyray123 ashleyray123
Mar 5, 2009