Got it from my dad. I'm not as bad as he is cause I fight to make it not define who I am. Though at first I felt bad but then I felt happy cause I'm gonna get money from the government!:p
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What's it like to have Asperger's?

Umm, well it kinda feels normal to me. I'm just not very logical and I tend to not get people

Do you feel isolated? There was a time when I just don't understand my friends and family and it made me feel so alone. Like im watching a very abstract movie. But now it doesn't bother me as much

Yes I guess I do sometimes. I sometimes rather play games then hang with friends.

Since when you have Asperger's Syndrome?

Not sure. I was diagnosed this year

I see. You seem like a smart kid. Will you stay at home getting money from the government or will you try to study in fields that passionate you?

I want to go to collage though

Ugh! Staying home is not my style.:) I work

What work do you do? Tell me more about it!

I work in a vegetable dip business. It's a small company that's slowly getting bigger

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