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I'm 27 years old and think I may have undiagnosed Asperger's Syndrome.  Everything I've read on the subject sounds so much like me it's kind of scary.  I can't recall all the symptoms I've read right now, but a few that spring to mind are that I have a high IQ, I am bluntly honest, I have a really hard time in social situations, and the whole obsession with little things or stimming behavior I've read about is totally something I engage in when I feel a need for comfort.

I really think this may be something that's been affecting me all my life and that I could have used a lot of help on to make my life better than it has been.  I feel like I *know* this is what's wrong with me.  I've never felt normal or even human, really, and I feel kind of cheated by the fact that nobody ever tested me for autism.  There are certain things I did as a child that I feel really should have tipped someone off and made them think to test me for it or at least put me in some counseling or something.

I'm not sure how to go about getting tested or possibly diagnosed.  Do you talk to a doctor about it or a psychologist?  I feel like getting a diagnosis would finally make it easier for me to find help and start working on a better life.
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I completely understand with what you are saying. I have realized recently that I may have it too. I am reluctant to go see a doctor or psychologist about the issue though. There is such a stigma in society related to Asperger's. But I don't see it as being a bad thing. There are definite behaviors that I have recognized and I am going to modify to be more "blend-able". I.e. my short temper, blurting (saying immidately what is on my mind with brutal honesty sometimes, but most of the time I just say too much about myself and my life situations, not thinking about what I am going to say first), and my, what people interpret as being self-absorbed.<br />
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If you would like to talk and compare/contrast ideas you can message me :)

My partners Son has Aspergers he was 1st diagnosed with ADD when he was 7 he later developed OCD when he was 15 & experienced many learning & memory Problems It wasn't until he was 23yrs that his psychiatrist said he may have Asperges syndromme so he was refered & Asperges was confirmed it is not a disease its a disorder but there are no clear defined test that can tell you with even suggestions his condition stems from when he had meningitis 8wks old I know this is an old post but I hope you've found any help you need! Best Wishes!

Hi my daughter has just been diagnosed and she is nearly 14 (been seeing a psychiatrist for the past 6 yrs with no diagnosis!!). YES it is much harder to diagnose in girls as girls are more social than boys; in as much as you want to feel part of a group, be the same etc... but your behaviour makes you stick out!! <br />
If someone who has known you for many years and thinks you have asd can go with you, it will be easier as sometimes they remember behaviour that you don't think is relevant. Good luck and I hope you get the answers you are looking for x

FK : That's exactly what I did - wrote a "paper", ( sort of ), and took it with me to the neurologist's appointment. ( I have the tendency to be very verbally reticent. ) I also brought my husband with me. He has known me since I was 15, and sort of had his own "NT ***** list" of all my "irritating Aspie behaviors". Bring ANYTHING that can help the doctor to diagnose you. ( I have heard that it is harder to diagnose in females, than males. ) Good luck to you.

Thank you, phoenixfalling. A lot of people have dismissed me for saying it too and it's made me kind of insecure about talking to a professional about it. I feel like if I go in and don't totally wow them with some speech, they're just going to laugh at me or call me a hypochondriac.<br />
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I think I'll write up a paper or something on why I feel I have it, with some example from my life and try to make an appointment with someone. It feels correct to me, so I might as well get tested.<br />
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I hope things work out for you too.

That should work then. Wasn't sure how referrals work where you live. You can probably find a website with the list of criteria for diagnosis, but a psychologist is your best bet as he would know from experience both of other disorders that must be ruled out first and/or your personal case history, which can affect the diagnosis.

Thank you for your comments. I was wondering if seeing a doctor was necessary because I already have a psychologist's office I've gone to before that I could go back to without having to make a doctor's appointment, if a doctor is unnecessary for this kind of thing.

Start by asking your family doctor to refer you to a psychologist. There is no treatment per se, it isn't a disease, it's part of who you are, but you may need counselling for dealing with the negative things that have occurred as a result of being undiagnosed. I find myself being an online mother-figure to all Aspie's, so please feel free to ask me anything.