There's two types of people with aspergers . The ones who can't hold a conversation to save their life AND the ones who talk about anything and everything they know nonstop till the other person ears bleed and they have to make an excuse because they don't want to talk you anymore . I'm the second one .
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I want to be your friend

I am both; I can't hold a conversation (keep up awkward silences, one word answers and "aha"s), then I start monologuing about the things that interest me. 😏

I'm the first.

For me, it depends on the moment or particular situation I believe. There are plenty of things I could go on and on about; it's just the things people expect me to have something to say about that I don't.

I am like that as well i drive my friends insane because I never shut up it does make life interesting though

We are the opposite. I panic and go mute. My brain just tells me to be quiet and it won't let me speak. I hate it sometimes but I feel that it is God speaking to me.