Does anyone else have obsessions? I get obsessed with men, like my trainer. It can make life hard.
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doctors told me i have PDDNOS and MCCD i have autism too

Hey, aspergers and autism is a fraud, designed for two reasons; one, thought control of the masses, 2, when a psychiatrist doesn't know how to help someone, but needs to look like they did to get paid, so make things up. apparently both good language skills and bad language skills are are part of autism, do you love astronomy? Well, too bad, specialist knowledge in something awesome like that is a trait, too. Do you have an effective routine for working out? Too bad, having routines is aspergers. Do you either not look at someone, or look at someone when you talk to them? Either way you are screwed, as both are listed as a trait of aspergers. Apparently house designers and adept painters are all suffering from aspergers, too. Throw out psychiatry for what it truly is, a pathetic attempt at science resulting in a load of conflicting ideas that are more concerned with controlling people's thoughts than making progress.

i obsess over anything related to numbers and measurements. i over think and it sucks

I know the feeling:(

I'm obsessed with theatre. It dominates my thoughts, conversations, even my taste in music. I've been actively trying to branch out into other interests, but I just keep returning to the theatre.