I know in my heart, I have Asperger's syndrome although I have not been officially diagnosed. As a seven year old child I new that I was different. I struggled to make friends and I could not relate to the kids my own age. I was a very good student and I always wanted to please my teacher, but even my teacher made me feel like a freak and different from the other kids. Now I am 19 and I struggling even more, I don't have any friends, partly because I am a major homebody. I hate small talk and it's very hard for me to look people in the eyes when I am talking to them. I just want to be normal and I want to be liked by other people, but most people don't like me and don't understand me. I guess I just need to try my best to fit in and I need to love myself for who I am, because I do believe that I am a truly unique individual, Aspergers and all. :)

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That sounds like a desc<x>ription of me... Do I have it too???

You should keep fighting, you`ll see that you are a very special creature with special mission. please love yourself the way you are!

I went through the same thing, but I was diagnosed when I was 10 years old. It took me years of trial and error before I could learn how to behave properly, but now my biggest frustration is keeping my friends and talking to random people to make new friends. I think I know exactly what I did to improve, and I don't mind helping others learn what I had to learn on my own.