Alcohol Triggered?

I had pretty nasty asthma as a kid (was hospitalized). They say it may have been triggered by an allergy. But over the years it faded away. I only got it when playing sports. Then that even went away. I thought I was cured. But lately it has been acting up sometimes when I drink. This bothers me, as I would hate to find out I was allergic to alcohol. I love alcohol.
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4 Responses Oct 9, 2006

If your an allergy was one of your asthma triggers then it could very well be something in the alcohol that you are consuming that is triggering your asthma.

i think we are in the same boat when i drink my ashma gets worse, so for now i am staying away from it, good luck to you with this, vinny

Me too! I tried to read up on it, but most people say they're affected by the sulfites in wine. I don't drink wine. Weird. with me, I might drink all night and not have a problem, then sometimes one shot will trigger it. It is Godaweful. It's totally something my albuterol can't even touch, and I just have to wait for it to go away. What is the ******* deal?

the same thing happens to meeeeee.. idk what it is.. but mine only bothers me in the middle of the night or mostly at the crack of dawn!--i love alcohol too though!!!