Ive had asthma since i was born. It never used to be bad except when i get involved in sports. This was alot of the time since i loved being active and it knid of made me feel like the odd kid out. When Im on a team Im always the last one running since i have to stop alot because I cant breathe. But it was controllable. About 3 years ago my asthma took a turn for the worst. My Dr. told me my asthma came out of remission and Ive had nothing but breatheing problems ever since. 9th grade (which is when it came out of remission) I was absent from school for a bout 2 weeks off and on. Just sitting in school I began feeling like I wasnt breathing and i would hav to txt or call my mom to pull me out of school. I would consistently hav to go back to the Dr. to get an Epinepherin shot. Since then my asthma has gotten a tad bit better, but not much. I can breathe in school, but not when there are strong scents or really high or low temperatures. I still force myself to participate in sports which sometimes can be a challenge, especially when it is humid. What I dont understand is that there are other girls on my team that have asthma too but it doesnt seem to affect them as much as it effects me. It doesnt make sense. But i guess I just have to try even harder.
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Asthma affects everyone in a different way. The others in your class that have asthma seem to have a milder case, like I had in school. I survived without an inhaler, but never knew that I had asthma at the time. I was harassed by my PE coaches starting in the 7th grade, I couldn't even keep up with the girls in my class. I was always last when we had to run, which was every day. I would literally stumble across the "Finish" line in front of our coach, fall to the ground gasping, wheezing and coughing trying to breathe. The coaches always told me to quit being a sissy, get up and walk it off. When I tried to really push myself and at least come in tied with the 2nd slowest person in my class, the world would literally be spinning when I hit the ground and I could not get up to save my life if I had too. No one ever believed me about my breathing problems when I was younger, it was just brushed off and ignored. It until I was 26 and working at a scout camp cutting weeds when my allergies caught up with me, I had an asthma attack so bad that I passed out from lack of oxygen and was taken to hospital by ambulance. The last several years have been good for me, until a couple of weeks ago when I had another asthma attack that was allergy triggered. I still don't feel completely recovered from the last attack.

That's horrible. I hope you can get ur asthma under control. I just recently became immune to allergies. I dont know how, but im not complaining.