...of wondering what would happen if I forgot my inhaler and I couldn't breathe.
My friend died like that. No one was there to help her. Very tragic.

I think awareness plays a major part with asthma.

I have been doing Iyengar Yoga for a while now and I feel more at one with my body.

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Thanks Leeyah for your concern, I didn't think it was a big thing until once I had an asthma attack when I was pregnant and it was terrible, because I'd left my bag plus inhaler at my Mum's and then had to drive and get it. Half an hour of trying to breathe, but I knew the inhaler was waiting...<br />
<br />
You have had a bad time of it, I do hope you are getting the right medication and that you have lots of support, it must be very stressful, look after yourself. <br />
You take care too now!<br />

never forget your inhaler and take your medication religiously. because asthma causes complications too (not just sudden death). i always took my asthma lightly. medications took for granted and never cared about my inhaler since all i used to have are just minor attacks. but everything changed since my first massive attack! i had been breathing problems and chest pains for two weeks but i just shrugged it off. until my real severe attack that confined me to the icu with all the ventilators for 2 weeks. i had minor heart attack then since my heart been laboured of my asthma for two weeks. i was just 18 then. i am now 20 and have had 2 minor MIs (heart attacks) and developed cardiomyopathy. it really sucks.<br />
it could have killed me. and though it didn't, it's still killing me now.<br />
<br />
<br />
TAKE CARE!<br />
with concern,<br />