Asthma Sucks

Everyone always thought I was faking it, or just trying to get out of certain things. So it never got taken real seriously, plus when I found out I had asthma...the medical theory and practice on it was completely wrong. It wasn't until about 5 years ago that it really got under control, I was 16 and I found out I had it when I was 7. That's a long time to go without getting help. I hated running and doing sports as a kid, except basketball. I played it in elementary school and was great at it. Until it started irritating my asthma, so I quit. Everyone looked down on me, they thought I just quit to quit because I couldn't handle it. I hated people looking down on me because of it.
Things are better now, though I had a two month flare up that wouldn't quit, so I had to change my preventitive inhaler which has been working but has been causing me to gain some weight since it's steroidal. I hope to get off of it soon and go to a different one. I love to run, and am going to get back into that.
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I know what you mean... i had been stuggling with allot of things even just going outside. I was coughing and wheezing constantly everyone thought i was a whimp or just out of shape.<br />
Then finally one day i was riding my horse around in the dusty arena and i could not stop wheezing no matter how much water my instructor told me to drink. i passed out becasue i couldn't breath and fell off my horse.<br />
I had to go to the hospital and there i was told i had asthma, it was annoying at first because everyone fussed over me if i breathed to deeply, but now i guess i am used to it and i am glad that everyone has stopped worrying about me.<br />
My doctors say it could get better with time, but i don't know we'll just have to see. Good luck Lexi.

Thank you! Good luck to you too, I've had mine for 14 years, and it really hasn't gotten any better. I've tried going without my medicine (singular, and two inhalers) but I just die without them. I'm miserable, so so far it hasn't let up. Hopefully it will at some point, that'd be amazing.

Wow 14 years... i was diagnosed with asthma in November of last year:/