There Are Other Parts Of Me, Too

While it doesn't really dominate my life, its come in handy on more than one occasion. For example, my middle school and high school gym classes. I never had to do ANYTHING, because they thought I'd have an attack. I knew that I probably wouldn't, but I didn't care-gym class sucks. And I never had to swim. It ruled. But, honestly, it really doesn't define me. Its a very small portion of me. My brother had it way worse than me, and almost died on many occasions, and according to my sister, sometimes she thought I would, and it scared her. But, really, it shouldn't be a deterrent to one's life. =)
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Plus the PE coach would probably be up on harassment and child endangerment or neglect charges for not doing something about getting me medical attention when the asthma attacks occurred. One would think that even in the 1980's that a PE coach should have recognized the signs of an asthma attack.

I wish they had diagnosed me when I was younger. I had to suffer through PE classes with asthma, undiagnosed, no medication for it, and being bullied by my classmates and the teacher for not being able to keep up with rest of the class. After running the mile run, almost every day, I was out of breath, coughing, wheezing, and gasping for breath. Those times that I really pushed my self to try and keep up with the 2nd to last person in the class I would almost pass out from lack of oxygen at the end of the run. I think I did a time or two and no one noticed, because the next thing that I knew class was over and everyone was headed back to the locker rooms to change.

That SUCKS! If that had happened, now, it would be all over the news!